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Business Advice for My Younger Self

The other day, I thought about the beginnings of my business. I didn't know at 18, when I began my Mary Kay business that I would become a growth strategist for doulas and birth professionals. I thought about the journey I've taken and how it wasn't linear and didn't always work the way I thought it would. I spent many nights researching, reassessing, creating new plans. I didn't know that there wasn't a pink Cadillac in my future, but I was about to embark on a journey that would lead me right to where I needed to be.

What would I tell my younger self, as I was building my business?

I would tell her,

  1. How you begin is not necessarily how you'll end up.

  2. Be open to change. Your business may look differently than you imagined. Give your business room to grow.

  3. Your why will change, but always make sure it includes helping others.

  4. Today is today. Tomorrow is another chance.

  5. Always be prepared and then you'll be ready when new opportunities arise (aka if you're already ready, you ain't got to get ready. )

  6. You're going to be ok❤️

I'm sure there are many more things I should/could share with my younger self, but I can't give all the answers, I'm still writing and seeing how it all unfolds. But, I always remember, change will happen inevitably, so I just need to make sure to do what I need to in order to be prepared and ready when opportunities come.

As a growth strategist, I believe in preparation and a plan to grow your business, but I also believe in space for the could be better than you imagined.

What advice would you give to your younger self regarding business?

P.S. I encourage you keep building and moving higher. I think you should live the life you dream of! Tap into your 5 Next Level Rules for success! And hop on a call with me to make your customized growth plan.

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