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Let It Go

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Sometimes you have to release things to move forward. There's always something we're holding onto- something someone said, did, or a situation in which we find ourselves. We may have experiences in our lives that have left a negative taste in our mouths and these negative feelings and experiences may be holding you back. It's time to reflect and let it go. I know it's easier said than done, but the next chapters of your life are waiting.

When I took my doula training, we did an exercise of writing down what we wanted to release or change in our lives. On a sheet of paper, I wrote, "I wish to change my current job situation and the stress in my life," among other things. I needed a change and I felt it in every fiber of my being. I found something I wanted to pursue (being a birth coach) and was ready to flow in that direction. Everything I had done in my life led me here. So, I threw the paper in the fire and released the words into the universe. 3 months later EVERYTHING was different. I was forced to come home to work (due to the pandemic) and was able to begin my full time doula career....everything I had prayed for.

If I had never been willing to let go of the things I truly didn't want anyway because of fear, I'd still be in the exhausting situation I'd found myself in more times that I'd like to admit. My job situation was one I kept finding myself repeatedly facing. I had one main job that I enjoyed, but caused more stress than it did financial security. I also had several other jobs and side hustles to bring in extra money that sometimes got pushed to the background, which meant less money and more stress. I also felt like I lived in my car, always running from one obligation to another. Where I used to enjoy the work I did, the situations surrounding me being able to utilize my skills and talents were draining me. Then, the icing on the cake came and I had an opportunity do the hardest, best job I'd ever have-becoming a mother. I was thrilled and nervous because knew I could no longer sustain my many hours of driving and running all over town to make the dollars add up with a newborn. I had to change everything. I also had to be willing to go through that change of letting things go.

Don't get me wrong, 2 years later, my life is in no way perfect, and my dream continues to be more and more defined. However, I take time to reflect how my life has changed in ways I didn't expect. I have had the honor of supporting families during pregnancy and beyond as they welcome their new babies into the world. Each experience has been amazing in different ways. I also have been able to help birth professionals grow their businesses to better serve their clients. I have never once regretted letting go of the chaos I thought I had to sustain in order to survive. The pandemic changed and even cancelled many of my side hustles, so I had to find a new way of operating. It also forced me to slow down and take a much needed rest from running all over town. I made new moves, reevaluated priorities, and found better opportunities.

Some days, building my business means doing difficult things and I don't always feel the impact of what I'm trying to do, but I love it and I know why I must continue, even on those hard days. When those hard moments arise, I encourage you to keep pushing for that dream, even if it's taking some time, know it may come in an unexpected way, so stay flexible and open to the changes that may come. Your dream may be just on the other side. You just may need to let some things go in order to move forward.

Whatever is holding you back, it may be time to let it go. ❤

🥂Here's to a wonderful 2022!

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