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This is a safe space where stories and experiences can be shared, resources found & people supported. 

In nature, Queen Bees are respected and protected and serve as an essential piece to the prosperity of a Hive. Within the Hive, worker bees to pollinators alike, all work together to share resources and information, which empowers their decisions, ensuring the Hive's survival and success.

Share Your Story

I'm so excited to introduce the Protect the Queen Project. By sharing our stories of pregnancy, labor, and parenthood honestly, we can inform, educate, and connect with generations to come.  Share stories or creative works of joy & pain, love & healing, sadness & redemption. Your story is POWERFUL and you are the ONLY person who can tell it. Storytelling is in our DNA. Share what's comfortable, share the advice that got you through the hard times, and all the lessons you've learned that gives you strength & laughter along the way.

"You write your own story with your body, because if you don't someone else well. Feel your power, feel your strength"

-Tiny Little Things

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