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Next Level Birth Professionals


Presented by Allison Stewart,
Founder & CEO at Let's Doula This, LLC.

After finishing training, so many Birth Professionals are left on their own to find their way and build their businesses. But I'm here to let you know, you don't have to be on your own. Let's break down some crucial steps to get you confident in your career! 


If you’re ready to feel more confident as a birth professional and are ready to commit to growing personally and professionally, join me in my private Birth Professional community for the Next Level Birth Professional Workshop Series and Next Level Mornings! 

My 3 Core Principles

I focus on three necessary points in my coaching as you move towards your next level goals.


Join the Next Level Birth Professionals Community

  • Connect with others in a community of Birth Professionals

  • Opportunities to grow personally and professionally 


  • Exclusive access to tips, information, and access to events

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Next Level Mornings
Multiple Dates
Join me as we connect, chat, and prepare for our next level!
Feb 22, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

February 22

During this month of love, I must ask, Do you REALLY love your business?


Building and running a business is just like being in a relationship. You put in time, effort, share your gifts, and show up as authentically as possible. As a Birth Pro, so much of what we do is from our hearts. And when you put your heart into a relationship, you expect certain returns. In your business relationship, you get out what you put into it. So, let's have a lil love chat about your business, so it can show you some love you back!

Next Level Birth Professionals Workshop Series
Multiple Dates
Mar 05, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST
Online Event

February 23

All we need is love...and in this month of February, let's talk about the love we have for our birth business!


There's always something else we'd love to do to build our business even more, but do you, and more importantly, your clients, love your business and services? Make your business more authentic and aligned with your values, talents, and lifestyle so you can better serve your clients! Your clients need your magic, so let's pour the love into your business!!