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Virtual Support Can Still Make An Impact

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

As a birth coach, I offer support to expectant parents as they bring their babies into the world. However, during the lockdown of 2020, I had to find new ways of offering support when I couldn't be face to face. I got creative and assured them that I was still there for them, even though I couldn't be in person when giving support.

As we look at the prospect of the continuation of this pandemic, I am celebrating the fact that I can still support my birth clients with a range of options.

My first 2 births were virtual ones, with mothers who lived more than 200 miles away. At the beginning of my doula journey, despite not being in person with clients, I helped parents from all over the country deliver their children! I felt like I was able to offer a variety of support options to a higher number of clients. I was no longer running to local hospitals, I was able to assist families all over as I provided them with knowledge and information about their birth options. I offered zoom and texting support as I held that sacred space for them. Whatever their preference of communication, I had their backs and they knew it. I really just let my clients know that I was there, holding space for them. It didn't always go exactly as I thought it would, but what birth does? I stayed flexible and was able to maneuver and learn new tricks and tips along the way.

In many ways, I felt like my virtual services made me a better birth coach with better offerings. I made sure my clients and their partners felt secure going into the hospital and knew I'd still be there with them. Not all delivering parents want someone else in the room. Virtual support gave them an option to have support and keep some of the intimacy of their birth space.

As my business grew, I became a business and life coach for birth professionals. Helping doulas, birth photographers, trainers, and other heart centered professionals who support prenatal ad postnatal clients build their businesses in this new world. I have the honor of supporting these driven business owners as we work together, focusing on personal and professional development, solidifying our business foundations, and putting plans in place to make it grow.

Virtual support can be successfully implemented in your business. You can still serve your clients and be effective in new ways. It may be another opportunity to grow even more!

How did the lockdown change your business? Did you like the changes or can't wait to return to something normal?

If you're interested in building your business and finding new ways to support your clients, check out my community especially for birth professionals.

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