A 6 month private support program for aspiring and new birthworkers 

Next Level Birth
Professional Experience

(Formerly the New Doula Mentorship)

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If you have questions about the next stage in your doula career and want to design a career that fulfills your passion and fits your life, this mentorship will help you

set a clear course for accomplishing your goals with personalized support.

You do not have to be a doula to participate in the mentorship. Especially if your business is one that works with birthworkers, this could be a great opportunity to network and get to learn more about the field of birth work!

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This Mentorship is for you if:


  • You’re a new doula or aspiring doula looking for answers and support when designing your new career

  • You are a photographer, fitness, holistic, or wellness instructor or work with birth workers and/or families

  • You have questions about birth work

  • You'd like to create change regarding maternal health outcomes

  • You believe in positive birth experiences and wish to help create them

  • You’d like a supportive community while making decisions and designing a career that you love and fits your life

  • You are interested in birthwork

  • You work with birth workers

  • You have goals you'd like to accomplish and would like 1:1 support and coaching as you grow your business

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Monthly Topics Include:

  • Clients & Connections

  • Offers and Pricing

  • Options in your business

  • Confidence

  • Running your business

  • Making your business work for you



  • 6 months

  • 1 monthly group zoom call

  • Private Facebook group

  • 1:1 business planning session

  • Additional Support features offered




  • Gain confidence as a professional

  • Create authentic connections with like-minded people in a supportive community

  • Feel supported with personalized suggestions to create your career path and grow your business

  • Customized plan of action to create your career path and grow your business 

  • Navigate & tackle obstacles to begin your doula career with a coach beside you the whole way!

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Member Reviews

"The Doula Mentorship has helped me tremendously!!! I am a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach that has a deep desire to become a postnatal doula and serve all mamas, but especially moms of color. This mentorship has helped me find my voice and streamline my path to becoming a doula by first focusing on postnatal fitness and nutrition. 


Allison has a way of really helping you dig deep within yourself to get at the root of your mission, why it's your mission, and who the mission will serve. The mentorship doesn't just focus on the participant, but branches out to the communities the participant will service after the mentorship. When the mentorship comes to and end, you will have a clear path with steps to take to reach your goal. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help clearing the fog in their professional life."


“Allison’s doula mentoring group was just what I needed as a new doula unsure of how to get started in birth work. She was kind, funny and always eager to answer any of my questions. Our planning sessions and group calls helped me to establish clear goals for myself which served as motivation to find clients and grow my business. I am truly grateful for Allison and I highly recommend new doulas to join her mentoring group.”