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A 6 month private support program for aspiring and new birthworkers 

Next Level Birth
Professional Experience

(Formerly the New Doula Mentorship)

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If you have questions about the next stage in your doula career and want to design a career that fulfills your passion and fits your life, this mentorship will help you

set a clear course for accomplishing your goals with personalized support.

You do not have to be a doula to participate in this experience. Especially if your business is one that works with birthworkers, this could be a great opportunity to network and get to learn more about the field of birth work!

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This Experience is for you if:


  • You’re a doula or birth professional, looking for answers and support when designing your new career

  • You are a doula, midwife, photographer, fitness, holistic, or wellness instructor or work with birth workers and/or families

  • You'd like to create change regarding maternal health outcomes

  • You believe in positive birth experiences and wish to help create them

  • You’d like a supportive community while making decisions and designing a career that you love and fits your life

  • You are interested in birth work or working with birth workers and prenatal/postnatal families

  • You have personal and professional goals you'd like to accomplish and would like 1:1 support and coaching as you grow your birth business