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We all have dreams and desires for our lives. 2020 left many of us feeling defeated and now, in 2021 we are looking to regroup and redirect. The Fresh Start Virtual Workshop will give you a tips & tricks to maneuver the unknown and trying new things to get new results!

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If you have questions about the next stage in your doula career and want to design a career that fulfills your passion and fits your life, this mentorship will help you

set a clear course for accomplishing your goals with personalized support. 

A 4 month private support program for aspiring and new birthworkers 

Beginning February 25th!

Let's see if the mentorship is a good fit for you & your business!

You do not have to be a doula to participate in the mentorship. Especially if your business is one that works with birthworkers, this could be a great opportunity to network and get to learn more about the field of birth work!

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