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Join me for my Totally Worth It VIP Saturday as we give your business the tools and resources to build the solid foundation it needs to flourish. Get excited and confident about your offers and their prices, because you know you're totally worth it!

I may get in your business for a sec….

But first, let me ask you, are you excited about your  business? Are you feeling confident about your offers and standing proudly by your prices?


So many times we have wonderful ideas and get nervous once it comes to the packaging and launch of these wonderful products, services, etc. I used to feel the same, but then, things changed….

I learned what I needed in order to feel confident about my solid offers.



I want you to be excited to share your gifts with the world. No more hiding or launching offers that make you feel unsure. It's time to get excited about what you're creating!


During my Totally Worth It VIP Saturday, gain the tools (and roadmap) necessary to release your next offer with confidence. You will proudly know your offer and business is worthy of the success you're working towards!


It's time to focus on you, so you can be confident in your business!

Session I- Your Magic 

  • Solidify your business in the basics

  • Create a solid foundation for the who, what, why, and how of your business and your offers

  • Feel confident in your skills and what you share with the world 


Session II- Your Offer 

  • Find out what you need to make an exciting offer 

  • Learn the necessary elements to make sure your offer is built on a strong foundation 

  • Create an idea for your next offer


Session III- Your Worth 

  • Learn how to package and price your solid offer 

  • Feel confident and comfortable with your pricing 

  • Gain the knowledge and experience tools to grow your clientele and confidently develop your brand and future offerings

It's going down on April 23rd! Get ready for my Totally Worth It VIP Saturday! Join me for a masterclass where we'll give your business the foundation it needs so you can feel confident about your offers. You'll walk away from the day confidently knowing you're totally worth your price tag!


Your ticket includes access to all the day's events and sessions in the VIP Virtual Lounge, replays, content, and connected offerings.


3 live sessions in the VIP Virtual Lounge 

• Replay access until 5/8/22 

• Workbooks/exercises 

• Access to private community

• Visionary workspaces 

•  1:1 next level follow up consultation 


• Confidence in the who, what, why, & how of your business, offers, & pricing

• Better understanding of how to clearly communicate with clients 

• Customized support

• An idea for your next offer

• Payment options 

• Extended support opportunities

Mentorship (29).png
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