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Hi, I'm Allison (AT). I am a birth coach aka doula. 

I empower expectant parents, through pregnancy and beyond, as they navigate the parenting world. As a member of your birth team, I feel privileged to support your family during this intimate, life-changing, and exciting experience. I am proud and honored to offer support to families virtually and in person* as they navigate their parenting journey.  I offer a safe space and the informational options you need to make the best decisions for your family. I can assist with nutrition, registry decisions, preparing the nursery, packing for the hospital, childbirth education, and much more. I support you in labor and delivery with exercises to prepare your body for delivery, helpful movements, as well as pain relief to help with labor. I also offer postpartum care as you welcome your baby home!

*in the Baltimore and DC metro areas

Wanna talk a little more to see how I can support your growing family with a customized plan? Let's book a time to chat!

Customized Postpartum Support When You Need It
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Bringing home a baby can be an adjustment. Late nights, diaper changes, and early mornings are just a piece of the new parent puzzle. Even if this isn't your first time as a parent, having informational Doula support, with your family as the main focus, can help your family thrive!
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Which support level is best for you and your growing family?