Are you:

  • A New doula?
  • An Aspiring Doula?
  • Interested in a career in birth work?


Then join me Live on August 7th at 2pm!  

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This class is perfect for new and aspiring doulas as well as those who are interested in learning more about birthwork. There's so many questions when beginning a new endeavor. Many doulas complete their training and begin their careers unsure of what comes next. This workshop not only introduces you to the birth world, but gives you a clear roadmap filled with new career possibilities!


In the 'So You Wanna Be A Doula?: A Roadmap to Birthwork!' Virtual Workshop, I guide you through the process of becoming a doula, provide you with tips, ideas, and  support to make your exciting, new experience as calm and positive as possible.

If you're interested in birth work & supporting families, this workshop is for you!

Virtual ticket to my virtual workshop: 'So You Wanna Be A Doula?'
The Official Birthworker Workbook
30 minute Business Planning Call with me
Access to extended support options
Supportive and informative coaching

Find your power as a birthworker
Learn your options to begin your business in this exciting career
Feel confident in taking your first steps into the birth world
Utilize your natural skills to assist and support families
Learn how you can be involved in creating more positive birth stories
Find ways that you can impact maternal care


*Payment plans are available

So You Wanna Be A Doula?: A Roadmap to Birth Work!