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You Need A Low Productivity Day

Today, I took my time...and I feel relaxed...and accomplished. As I thought of what I needed to do, I told myself, 'At the least, I'll do these 3 things....' and went from there. Having a toddler and being a work-from-home mom, my time is precious. To keep things on track and accomplish my goals, I embrace my day-to-day hamster wheel routine. This routine helps everyone in my family know how the days will roughly run. While my routine sometimes feels non-stop, it helps me block off time to get things done around the house and for my business. My routine also allows me to carve out time to be 100% present in the moment. Sometimes, however, I feel like I just want a break from the everyday routine and relax a bit. Last night, my toddler spent the night away from home. I slept in, still waking up earlier than I desired, but because I didn't have to worry about maintaining a parent's routine, I sat in bed until I was ready to get out of bed. I looked some things up online, hopped on Instagram, and spent time watching tv in bed. I had a few things I wanted to do before picking up my little one, but I decided to take my time and made my top 2 priorities for the day. I planned to get to them as I moved thru my day. I started my laundry before making breakfast. I folded some clothes while watching Stranger Things. I took some time to answer emails and make sure my newest class was ready for release. My small to-do list was not elaborate or written down, and I still accomplished the important things that needed to be done. I didn't get EVERYTHING on my huge to-do list done, but that wasn't the point of today. I allowed my mind to let go a bit. The mental load of motherhood during a pandemic while building a business and teaching a toddler can get heavy at times. Today, my mind was calmer and I still moved things forward. I feel like we could all use a low productivity day or even a no productivity day. I plan on implementing a low productivity day at least once a month. If you decide to implement this in your life, let me know how it goes. I'll admit, it is a bit easier when kiddos are away from home, but it can still be implemented with them at home. You may find more time for play, movies, or family chill time.

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