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Why Expecting Parents Should Get A Doula

As a new parent, there's so much to think about,

  • A safe, informed delivery

  • Feeling prepared for labor and postpartum

  • Bringing baby home

  • Getting into a routine

  • Healing during postpartum

  • Bonding with baby

  • Feeding baby

  • Keeping your house running somewhat normally (especially if you have other children)

  • Getting your concerns and questions answered

A Doula can assist you through pregnancy and your postpartum journey. Finding a doula you connect with can help you make a plan for you and your family so you feel more comfortable and confident as labor approaches.

Doulas are the connecting piece between parents and the resources they need to make the best decisions for their family.

They provide customized support comprised of information that answers questions and concerns. They also provide support during pregnancy and labor, helping you to prepare, as well as develop and implement your birth wishes. During your postpartum journey, a doula can help you to get acclimated to parenthood, whether for the first time or not, while you heal and develop a plan that helps your household run a bit smoother. If you're expecting, find out more about how a doula can support you and let's jump on a Family Planning Call and create a labor and postpartum plan customized for you.

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