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If It No Longer Serves You, Release It

Let it go.

Whatever it is that you've been carrying that no longer serves you may need to be let go. This is always easier said than done. Maybe it means releasing it's power over you for yourself, having a hard conversation, or changing your outlook on the situation. It's time to stop feeling weighed down or consumed by things that exhaust us, steal or joy and energy and no longer work in our lives. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

I'm changing my outlook and letting go of things that no longer serve me this week. I'm tired of feeling heavy and deserve to feel lighter and happier. So do you. ❤️

In case no one has told you,

*You are worthy

*You deserve happiness

*You deserve to be filled with joy

*You deserve to be truly loved and supported

*You have the power to make changes in your life

Here's a few ways to let things go and see things in a new light (choose what works best for you):

  1. Have a hard, thoughtful conversation.

  2. Write your feelings in a letter to someone if a conversation isn't ideal.

  3. Write what you wish to get rid of/ stop worrying about/ release on a sheet of paper and rip it up, safely burn it, or crumble into and throw it away. Try to let the feelings go as it you dispose of the things you're releasing.

  4. Blow up a balloon and write what you'd like to release on it. Pop the balloon and let the feelings go with it.

  5. Decide to change your outlook on a situation. You can only change your actions, look at your role & see what you can do to make it better. Try to see the good things instead of focusing on what frustrates you.

Once you take a moment to decide to do or see something in a new way, take a step. Now, you're in a new space and all the old things you let go of are in your past. Let them go. ❤️

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