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Rainy Day Activities for the Kiddos

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Fun With Light!

Rain rain go away, we're stuck inside and want to play.

Parents are constantly looking for activities to keep children interested and busy, especially when the weather outside keeps you stuck indoors. As a preschool teacher, I'm always looking for activities and ideas that keep my two-year-olds learning and engaged.

Here are some ideas I've found to work for to keep children interested and busy!

1. Make something! Cookies, crafts, dinner, etc. Whatever you think of, create it! You could even pull out costumes or sheets and put on a play!

   Dinosaurs and blocks are always a hit! 

2. Pull out the toys! Playtime is always great! With many schools cutting back on free playtime in school, this can be a wonderful time to allow your child to use their imagination and create. Use pots and pans to make a band. Make a construction site with blocks. Make a doll hospital. You can use Legos, dinosaurs, and action figures to create anything!

3. Build a light box!

Grab an empty plastic container, put in some christmas lights (or flip the container upside down with the lights inside) and have some fun on top with a cool light table!