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It's Only Getting Better

Fellow doulas, Why do you love being a doula? What has brought you joy on this journey? As I reflect upon my doula journey so far, I'm reminded of the families I've supported, the parents I've encouraged, the lessons I've learned, and the babies I've been honored to help welcome into the world. In the beginning, I wanted to help support parents in a different way then I was as a teacher. In my first 2 years as a doula, I set out to support 10 expecting families by the year's end, I had helped 20. Over the years, my business has continued to grow in so many new ways. My calling has grown so much further than when I began. It's been redefined & my mission has gotten clearer. Not only have I supported parents, but I've mentored, encouraged, and supported birth professionals as they grew their businesses and in their personal lives as well. As a life coach for birth professionals, I've had the privilege to support those who work with prenatal and postpartum families as they grow personally and professionally. I've watched the business ideas they've dreamed of come to fruition as we worked together to accomplish goals and design their careers. At the same time, they saw changes in their personal lives, finding more balance, money, and happiness. I've been invited into intimate and vulnerable spaces and I am honored and humbled each time. There's something special about this career & I've never been happier. This year is my biggest one yet and I'm leaving nothing on the table. I'm going big and am already seeing the benefits of the seeds I've sown. I've supported more families than I set out to and have made amazing connections with fellow birth professionals who are flourishing. And there's so much more to come....I'm claiming that it's only getting better!🙌🏽 To all my doulas & other birth professionals, I wish you success and joy in your calling. I'm here, cheering you on! I hope you'll visit, where there's encouragement and information designed to help you reach your next level of success. There's even a community and monthly events just for you!

If you're ready to build to your next level, let's chat! And don't forget to check out some of these workshops:

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