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Get Out Of Your Way

Sometimes, we are the thing that will spark the change we want to see. It could be our beliefs, habits, or actions that need a refresh or a jump start. For example, if you wish for your business to stop bringing in hobby money, you may have to treat it like a Business and not a hobby. Many of us want to start at the end of the journey, enjoying all the perks right off the bat, instead of building to get there. Change is a journey. I'm not saying that you shouldn't enjoy some of the perks along the way, but you may not get to where you want to be by doing it all the time in the beginning of the journey. Being an entrepreneur has its perks. Setting your own schedule, being in charge of your time, tasks, and outcomes can be a liberating feeling. Working from home can afford many perks we don't have in a traditional 9-5 where we must physically show up. We can enjoy taking breaks and adding rest or time off to our schedule when we desire, but in order for our new found freedom to yield success, we must also get things done. We can't always enjoy daily lunches with friends, working just an hour a day, or taking off for weeks at a time and expect our businesses to flourish. You and your business are a relationship in your life. In order for it to grow and reciprocate, you must put in tge work to help it to do so. It may require a change or outlook, planning, or action. So, entrepreneur, I challenge you to find a way to spark your journey toward your end goal this week. For example, if you'd like your business to grow and be sustainable, first, begin seeing your business as a business and then treat it as such. Give it a strong foundation. Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Conduct yourself as a professional

  • Don't neglect your client's experience

  • Give yourself rewards along the journey

  • Follow up in a timely manner

  • Make opportunities for your success

  • Make your plan for success and complete the tasks

Its time to stop standing in the way of your success.

If you are feeling motivated and are ready to take a next step, check out some of my workshops and challeges to help you reach your next level! Or, jump on a strategy call with me!

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