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Build Your Vision

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Any sturdy building begins with a solid foundation. With a new decade approaching, I've been thinking not just about my new year goals, but where I want to go and where I see myself at the end of the decade. 10 years. 2029. 90s music will be almost 40 years old. Yes, top hits like, "Ice Ice Baby," "Vogue," & "The Humpty Dance" will be approaching the big 4-0. I'll let that sink in for a minute. But don't begin to feel like you're getting old, you are truly getting better. Laying the foundation to a better decade begins in 2020. So be honest with yourself and ask, Where are you in 10 years- making more money?, working in a better job, living the life you've dreamed of for so long? Or are you in the same place, same mindset, no forward movement? Don't be afraid to take the leap, your #dreamlife is waiting on the other side of your fear. Let 2020 be your year of living fearlessly. You've got to do different things to get different results. You've may have seen where fear can keep you, but what if you stop letting it hold you back? You just might watch your dreams become reality. Take that chance, start something new, believe your goals are attainable and you are deserving of more. Make this new year set you up for the next 10. Now is the time to prepare and lay the groundwork for your next successful few years. Make your plans, create your blueprint and get building! ♡AT

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