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Next Level Birth Professionals

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We're keeping the party going today at 2pm! Join me on IG live (@jeansandtealife) as we celebrate Bringing our calling to life!

See you soon!

Ps. Doula Foundation VIP Week is next week (September 12th-16th), have you gotten your spot yet?

Daily Topics include: 

Day 1: Your position as a doula 

Day 2: Conducting your business & client care

Day 3: Initial Client connection

Day 4: Paperwork/business

Day 5: Initial packages/offerings & growth 

Get more details and RSVP at


Welcome to the group, Birth Professionals! I'm so glad you'r...


  • 22 May Wed | 'Visionary Workspace '

  • 22 Jun Sat | 'Visionary Workspace '

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