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Next Level Birth Professionals

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Are you ready to create your 2024?

Party with me as we gear up for an incredible 2024! Join the pre-party buzz, Join me for the Create 2024 party, then celebrate post-event successes. Elevate your doula practice—this is your invitation to create your 2024. Secure your spot now and unlock your Doula Dynamo Download!

The flow:

Join me for a pre-party on December 8th with a workbook and some activities to get you ready for the big party day. Then, on the 10th, we'll meet, do some content creation and planning to get ourselves ready for the new year with activities. We'll keep the party going during our post party to keep accountability and continue connections made. We'll also have a community space for conversations, lives, and fun.

What You get:

*Access to all events-Pre-party, Day of event, & Post party

*Replays to the Pre-party, Day of event, and Post party

*Workbook and materials

*Access to Private Community

Here's how to join me at my Create 2024 party:

I hope to see you there!


Welcome to the group, Birth Professionals! I'm so glad you'r...


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