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Next Level Birth Professionals

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Happy March! Thank you so much for joining me in this space. I'm so glad we can connect here and am excited about all the exciting and life changing things that will occur in this space. As we welcome in March, I ask you to reflect a bit on February. What were your roses & what were your thornes? In other words, what worked or made you proud & what maybe didn't work and you need to work on it moving forward? Share your answers below; it's a safe place, and let's make march amazing! Ps. Do you love your business, and here's a bigger question: Does it love you back? Join me on Saturday at 10am for our birth professionals workshop! Have you reserved your spot yet? You do not want to miss this event. All information is on the site. Grab your seat, your tea, or coffee, and I'll see you Saturday morning!


Welcome to the group, Birth Professionals! I'm so glad you'r...
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