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Why do you love being a doula? What has brought you joy on this journey? It's World Doula Week & I keep thinking about my doula journey so far- the families I've supported, the mothers I've encouraged, the lessons I've learned, and the babies I've been honored to help welcome into the world. In the beginning, I wanted to help support parents in a different way then I was as a teacher. My calling has grown so much further than that. It's been redefined & my mission has gotten clearer. Not only have I supported parents, but I've mentored, encouraged, and supported birth professionals as they grew their businesses and in their personal lives as well. I've been invited into intimate and vulnerable spaces and I am honored and humbled each time. There's something special about this career & I've never been happier! I'm so excited about what's to come!


Welcome to the group, Birth Professionals! I'm so glad you'r...


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