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Join me on February 11th at 8pm & February 27 at 2pm, as we make room in our lives for new beginnings. We'll discuss how to intentionally move forward,  

 accomplish goals, and have more of the life that we want.


  • Virtual workshop ticket

  • 2 group calls

  • Manifestation workbook

  • Access to group events

  • 30 min 1 on 1 intention setting call

  • Customized action plan

  • Personalized Support

  • Access to Replay

  • Extended support options available



  • A new way to view your future

  • Intentional, Defined goals

  • A clear path to accomplish your goals

  • Personalized support

  • Selfcare and Wellness

  • A new outlook as you begin something new

  • A deeper, clear understanding of your goals

  • Accomplish goals that move you forward

  • A renewed spirit & drive to thrive

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